God Bless Opening Day

What is it about Opening Day that is so spectacular? Baseball die hard or simply a casual fan, the start of a new season brings with it more than any sporting event opener there is. From the World Series champs to the lovable losers, every fan has a glimmer of hope on this day.Image

A hope that, that off season trade is the difference maker.

A hope that Global recruits are your ace pitcher.

A hope that injuries have since healed.

A hope that even the fans in Chicago may finally see their team win the pennant.

OK, so I knock on the Cubs a little too hard, but being raised a Cardinals fan has only lead me to find great delight in their misfortunes. That aside, the Curse of the Billy Goat, or even the name Steve Bartman can be put aside for this is a day of new hopes, new dreams, and new records. This is Opening Day.Image

Besides the beauty of a clean start, comes the start of Spring, comes patriotism at its core, and comes “America’s Pastime” in full force. It is simply American beauty at the ballpark as kids ride their fathers shoulders wearing matching jerseys, friends wrap arms as they sing an off pitch version of Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and the smell of fried food, and chili dogs stain your nostrils.

America needs Opening Day. Every President since Taft (with the sad exception of Jimmy Carter) has thrown out an opening pitch on Opening Day. It contests Independence Day as the most patriotic holiday there is, and though not officially recognized as a Holiday just yet, Opening Day gives freedom from the world, and offers a one of a kind experience.

So whether you are catching all 13 games while in the comfort of your home, office, or Sports Bar, or you have that golden ticket to see your team soar to victory giving you such high hopes for this season, celebrate today. Celebrate God’s gift to sImageports. 

God Bless America, and God Bless Baseball.

Taming a Tiger known as Richard Sherman

When I mention the fact that the Seattle Seahawks won this past Sunday sadly here is probably only one thing that comes to your mind… Richard Sherman. Yes, this street bred, Stanford tuned, top tier cornerback made quite a post game debacle due to his passionate words. What I took away however is more than likely the minority report as to what others may have seen. What I saw was this,

1. A player who made one incredible play.

2. A tiger who has been held by its tail, taunted, tormented, and poked at with the perfect chance to show his fury.

Richard Sherman believe it or not is not crazy. Richard Sherman believe it or not isn’t a thug. Richard Sherman believe it or not is one incredible corner, and is on track to a hall of fame career. Were his words a mistake? Absolutely not. When you watch football, and in particular your favorite team what do you expect to see? I expect to watch men snarl and tear at each other whether that be on the line, behind it, or deep down field. I expect them to play like every play will put them into the Super Bowl. I expect every thrown ball to be a chance at making a huge career defining play. Though I am not a devout Seahawks fan, I am a fan of a passionate play, a passionate player, and a defining moment. Richard Sherman though he only had two tackles and the lone pass defense, made one key play when it mattered. He made the play that put his team into the biggest game on the biggest stage sports can offer.  For that Richard Sherman I as a sports fan thank you.

In reference to the tiger, we expect our players to play like tigers on the field. We expect ruthless plays. So why should we expect anything different from them after it has been accomplished? Look at the interview with Erin Andrews. He was asked this question with full adrenaline, filled with testosterone, and just had the opportunity to put down every “hater” that has ever approached him (the likes of which are Michael Crabtree, numerous Wide Receivers, Steven A Smith, and arguably the most known Skip Bayless). The media has ragged on Sherman his whole career due to his obnoxious mouth. Yes he has a very loud mouth, but does he not back it up? Wide Receivers and Quarterbacks alike hate the kid yet they can’t seem to prevent him from a combined forty nine tackles, and eight interception season. He is incredibly talented, and until the day that he isn’t any more let the tiger roar. He deserves it. And when media beat his personality up and they want to throw his name in the mud, don’t be afraid when he turns around and bites. Image

Role Models

I wanted to try something new today that I haven’t done before. It will require a couple of things from the reader to be any bit successful, and for that I request that if you enjoy this bit at all you comment your opinions or reblog it for others to see it and comment. (I promise this isn’t a ploy for followers only wanting success here).

So without further adieu I present a debate question. 

Question: Should athletes be considered role models?

My opinion: Look at what the players stand for. Who can honestly say that they have never had a sports hero? I in particular still have a Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, and Mark McGwire poster in my own bedroom, and I am nineteen years old. I have idolized players both on and off the court or field for as long as I can remember. I’d whisper “and Tiger Woods has this putt left for the Masters” every time i would be on the practice green. I firmly believe there is a natural attraction to athletes that give us a hope as kids that we can be like them. We grow older watching them until they retire then we pick a new member of our favorite team, and talk about when “(insert name) hit that walk off home run in the 11th inning”.

The good ole days.

But, if we choose foolishly, our favorite players can really dig a hole in our heart as we watch turmoil of stupidity play out on a national stage. We can hear words like “I’m not here to talk about the past”, “I’ve made my share of mistakes”, or “I’m not the most believable guy right now”. (Mark McGwire, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong). We can get so wrapped up in the thoughts that they are superhuman that we forget that they are human, with human problems, and human mistakes. 

Where my opinion comes in is where you break down the whole role model idea. You can’t have a role model who hasn’t ever messed up. In taking one on, you have to be prepared for a halfway tainted view f them if something in the media surfaces that isn’t ideal. If you can honestly accept both their success and failures, then sports role models are perfect, and should be had by all. 



Now it’s your turn to comment and tell me what you think! Even if you’re a person reading because my mom posted this to her Facebook (thanks mom) you can still comment. I want this to be fun, and the results will lead to whether or not I choose to do another debate forum. Thanks you for your time, the read, and participation with the Sports Dish. 

What Makes Dan Marino Laugh

 Let me take you back to your childhood, to the age of backyard football. My fathers generation acted out the roles of Roger Staubach, and Joe Theismann, and my generation wanted to be Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady. The backyard league allowed one kid in the neighborhood to rise to fame and cul-de-sac glory. Then it always seems, that a new kid would move in down the road, and for a while wins the awards for first picked, or “all time quarterback”, but as time will tell, the old champion of the streets would rise back to the spot as the new kid succumbs to the old ways of the league. 

Football is glorious. It is humble. It allows for the occasional rebellion against its ways. The quarterback position has in recent years been challenged by a new wave of player that has thus far strongly sought out to change the face of the most coveted position in sports. In college, we have seen the mystifying ways of this new type of quarterback come in huge lines of success. Names like Johnny Manziel come to mind as these “mobile pocket passers”, and have found great colligate success. But let us take a peek into the next level…

The NFL has seen a boom in this style of quarterback in the last two years, and was beginning to see a huge change in momentum. Remember what I said about football being humble? Well the game has willingly stepped aside to watch as these new styled men attempt to take over the game. Then it laughs to itself as the game immediately shuts them down. Last season Robert Griffin III was a tremendous threat. He took an awful Redskins team and lead them to the playoffs for the first time in five years. He was a joy to watch and a thrill for defenses across the league. Now look at the guy. So much talent, but wasted on a position that he should have never played. College success, glory and talent, all thrown to the ground by defenses due to the fact that he can’t protect himself. Quarterbacks have a pocket for a reason. To protect the most valuable player on the field. 


Collin Kapernick who many could say has had success can show a statistical anomaly to my statements above. However, with four lost fumbles, seven interceptions, and twenty four shots behind the line of scrimmage, even the “best” out of pocket quarterback has put up some pretty meager numbers. 

The “revolution” of 2012 and 2013 has quickly died down. ESPN reporters are now struggling to find the justified evidence to show that the wave has been successful. Sure, there have been top ten plays made by these valiant efforts. There have been games won by these quarterbacks. But there have been interceptions, fumbles, and countless injuries to men who don’t belong behind an offensive line. It has been seen as almost a comedy act that the new wave of player has sought to “revolutionize the way we view the quarterback”. Defenses were baffled at first, yet have quickly adjusted and are now able to read these quarterbacks like the latest issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids. 

Football isn’t changing. Legends didn’t become legends for nothing. The game has been the same for generations, and soon the ways of old will be the king of the game once more. So in your sons sandlot league, tell that new kid in town to pack his bags and head home. This revolution is truly what makes legends like Dan Marino laugh. 





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Licking my Wounds

Well, as a Cardinals fan I have dreaded writing this post. Obviously it would’ve been produced twenty minutes after game seven ended with the Cardinals thumping the Red Sox of Boston had the outcome come into my favor. All I can say is simply wow. What a World Series.

See this is the beauty of sports. If you try really hard, set your colors and loyalty aside there is some serious reward in the ability of sports to captivate us.

My upmost respect goes out to Boston. You cannot help but just finding their performance entrancing. The pitching, the batting, and the performance of David Ortiz. Wow.

I won’t go on and on in regards to the details, however I stand and applaud you Boston. I lick my wounds and greatly look forward to 148 days from now when once again the Cardinals will take the field in hopes for 12 in 14.


The Beauty of October

I will say I am greatly disappointed in myself in the lack of blog posts I have had in the last two months. The college bug hit me along with the hustle and bustle of a new life, new hobbies, even a new brotherhood. This being said I apologize to all my followers, readers, and stumble upon’s for my lack of posting, and I hope you are all prepared for a more regular coverage of sports through The Sports Dish.

Now that disclaimers are done let’s venture into the great and wonderful world of sports, and in particular October. October is arguably the greatest month in sports. In this particular moment we have three major sports, one ending, one in mid season, and another beginning. Take your pick. Football your game? Let’s look inside.

NFL football this season is off to a booming start. If the underdog is the name of the game who could overlook the Kansas City Chiefs who have captured both America’s hearts and attention as they race off to a 5-0 start with the Texans looming today. If we speak of powerhouse players or teams they are found one in the same as Peyton Manning is putting together one of the greatest quarterback seasons in history as he leads his Denver Broncos on the same path to a dominant 5-0 start. On the other side of the token we can see teams with dominant past seasons falling extremely hard and not even smelling the win column. Teams like The Giants and Buccaneers have shown less than impressive stats on their paths to 0-6, and 0-5. Don’t think I am letting the pitiful Pittsburgh Steelers off the hook either. Their first win of the season came last week leaving them to be a measly 1-4. Shocking plays, teams, and quarterbacks have lead to a great first six weeks in the NFL and I will say I am thoroughly looking forward to watching the rest of it play out.   


Starting up and coming soon is the start of the NBA season. Already viewers are getting an early look into their teams and who is going to be the one fighting for that ring come June. An early hot team looking ahead (partial as I may be) is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Tragically last post season star point guard Russell Westbrook went down hard with injury leaving the Thunder high and dry in their hopes for that coveted ring. Kevin Durant is looking forward this season as he is determined to become the best of all time. Yes, offseason drama with some trade rumors of Sefolosha have thus far proven to be untrue, and with the full season addition of Derek Fisher, and the surprising dominance of back up point guard Reggie Jackson the Thunder are looking fresh, young (minus the mention of Fisher) and pretty stout on their venture to the start of the season. On another note, the fresh legs of Derrick Rose have immersed from the bench after over a season of rest after the tragedy in the postseason of 2012. Well Chicago fans, he is back and looks to be just back to where he once was.

Last, but oh certainly not least sits the highest on the throne of October sports. It is America’s past time in its prime, it is the smell of beer and peanuts, it is the singing in the seventh inning stretch, it is Fenway, and Busch, it is the reason October exists. It is Baseball. Boy do we have a doozie. We have a grudge match between the two teams who met in this same setting in 2004. As St. louis and the Red sox take the field, the Cardinals fans (like myself) like to not think about the matchup in ’04 except under the terms of revenge. This is the time for the Cardinals to come to life and show the world that they have forgotten the past and are looking to rewrite the romping they took back then. With both teams sitting atop their league with 97 wins we truly have a show to watch starting Wednesday in Boston. Image

October is the time. Sports fans strap in. Let’s all sit back and enjoy. 

Enjoy the post? Hate the post? I would love to hear your feedback and appreciate a follow!

Thanks for reading The Sports Dish.

The NCAA, Signatures, Johnny Football, and Of Course… Don Corleone



What comes to mind when you think of the NCAA? Powerhouse? Money? Bully? Oh wait, did I forget college sports?

That’s the dilemma. Why is it that every great sports society is crashing to pathetic schemes of cheats and money? The NBA couldn’t keep the players happy, the NFL couldn’t keep the refs happy, the MLB can’t keep drugs off the field, and the NCAA can’t leave well enough alone when it comes to money.

The NCAA is falling to the classic case of wanting to have their cake and eat it too. They want all the money that can possibly come from a player, team, or university, yet expect that there be no problem with the fact that whenever a players name is put on a jersey, football, or team program, the kid shouldn’t profit as that takes away from their trademark. Bogus.

Now don’t get me wrong, as an avid Arkansas Razorback fan I would have loved to see the fall of men like Cam Newton, Reggie Bush, and the now notable Johnny Manziel. I can’t stand the arrogance displayed by “Johnny Football”. It’s a disgrace to the Aggies, SEC, and even the NCAA. However, his skill has brought him fame. His ability on the field (and sadly it stops there) has earned him admiration. And now he gets slammed for demanding money for that name. The sixth witness has now emerged from the shadows saying that Manziel asked for money in order to have him sign a piece of memorabilia. His name means money. And who gets that money? You guessed it. The NCAA.

Remember the opening scene of the Godfather? Where Don Corleone is asked to take care of the men who attacked the mans daughter? Corleone has built up a name. People fear him and he gets all respect, credit, and money through a shady business. However, the people come back. He provides an out. He is the one to take care of the needs of the people, no matter how unethical the means are. 

                                                                                               The NCAA is Don Corleone. 

ImageThe people need the NCAA. Lets face it, any avid sports fan knows that the eyes are on college sports. It’s why we pack stadiums out, paint our chests, donate millions to alumni funds, and become like kids at Christmas come March Madness. The people need NCAA. So what does that lead us to do? We come to it (on the day of our daughters wedding) and we are willing to look the other way, turn our head and let the deeds get done. Let the dirty money schemes pass as long as we get out tailgate and rivalry the day after thanksgiving! We respect it. We give it credit. We give it our money. And that’s why the NCAA is rolling big.

Corrupt system is thriving! Tainting sports? Making them better? Providing a hope for the future of the NCAA? Let me know you thoughts and give it a like! Thanks for reading the Sports Dish!