A Letter to College Football (Part 2)

I wrote a similar post to this back in 2014 when I firmly believed that college football had messed up. Back then they left a really good team out of the college football playoffs in order to put in a less impressive team in Ohio State… wait, is this deja vu? In 2014 the NCAA completely … More A Letter to College Football (Part 2)


Tiger’s Return

A comeback story doesn’t often come to the greats. When you are the best at something, you ride it out and eventually fade with a page in the history books forever solidifying you as one of the best. For Tiger Woods, this story is all but easy. Tiger, at one point was one of the … More Tiger’s Return

Dak and Tony

  8-1. That is the record that currently leads all other NFL teams. First place in division, first place in conference, first place in league. 8-1. That is the record of a team lead by a rookie quarterback who is paid $680,000  a year. 8-1. The record of a team not using an injured, veteran quarterback … More Dak and Tony

Tanking to Win

I am an extremely competitive person. The very thought of throwing in the towel for an entire season would have never been on my radar. The audacity to strategically bench players is one that my personal mindset has never been on board for. But alas, when my teams name is in the mix, I succumb to … More Tanking to Win