Love of the Game

First attempt at a blog, and here it goes!

As I watch game five of the NBA Playoffs in a hotel lobby with several strangers I realize how unique this moment is. Sports grip us. Few things on earth have the power to pull people in the way that a clutch shot by Lebron with fifteen on the clock does. Awestruck and with a chuckle of excitement, you are instantly connected to the people around you, as you are all asking each other “Did you see that?”. It’s what draws the crowd.

Whether it is the World Cup, or a Dart game, the adrenaline we get from watching for the sake of the game will always draw our attention. It doesn’t stop for borders, genders, or even team unity. I recall my second MLB baseball game to go to, I was in the fourth grade, visiting friends in Kansas City, MO and the New York Yankee’s were in town. Being raised a St Louis Cardinals fan i naturally had no skin in the game, but I distinctly remember the experience. The reason being that the Royals hit 11 doubles (the most in their history), and the place was rocking. The admiration I had for those players in that moment couldn’t be matched. I found my ten year old self yelling, cheering, high-fiving strangers, and dancing for joy. Because I was a huge fan? No. Because I loved the thrill of the moment.

The experiences we feel at the ball park or watching the game from the big screen are unparalleled, and that is what keeps us coming back. Whether it is the Cameron Crazies, or the buddies in a bar, hearing Joe Buck say “We will see you back here tomorrow night!” or Bill Raftery’s “Send it in Jerome!” are the moments we sports fans thrive on. Just like a nice movie, or a fine filet mignon, we can enjoy over and over again searching for a satisfying taste of amazement. For the outcome of a game seven. For the sake of the sport, and for the love of the game.


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