Aboard the Soccer Band Wagon


I must confess, around this time of the year I get excited about a sport I know little about. The dedicated fans, the multi-cultural battles, the announcing, and the drama make Futbol a gripping sport. I am constantly in awe by the fact that so many around the world are dedicated to the game, and when the summer comes around, and we see the World Cup qualifiers, The World Cup, or the European Cup matches, I get pumped! 

I myself never played the game for a team, and with exception of the occasional recess game, or backyard sudden death match, I rarely see a ball. So I ask, what is it that grips me? I am left to assume it is national unity. Good or not, we root for the USA (or your own country of origin) for the same reasons we pull for them in the Olympics. My country is representing my people, and darn it they better win! The sense of dedication to the country manifests itself into a dedication to the sport, and that is what I love about it.

So as the United States takes on Germany this afternoon, I will find myself gripped and taken by a game I share few connections with, but will be passionate for it never the less. I will pull for my red, white, and blue, and will yell for not only my soccer team, but my country. So for that strong sense of Nationalism and dedication USA… I thank you.  


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