The Flop

The acting. The facade. Now, the fine. As old as Shakespeare, the art of acting is found in many occupations. You certainly don’t want to find that your doctor is an actor. You don’t want to know that your mother, pastor, or lawyer is an actor. And you undoubtably do not want to see your favorite basketball player as an actor. It seems as time ticks on NBA basketball is competing with MLS in the drama department. It’s quite comical, yet frustrating. 

I guess it comes with the salary. Perhaps in LeBron’s mind he feels “I am getting paid the big bucks, and the people have given me a stage, so I must give them a show.” A show perhaps, a joke however, no. 

So what do we do as the viewers? We scream, we yell, we make fools out of ourselves and in turn become a part of the show. The NBA feels they have solved the problem by submitting fines… Really NBA? These men could wipe their butts with the petty slap on the wrist you give. 

It’s brilliant. It is a thrill. Perhaps it is a game among the players. Never the less, another game passes and another opportunity comes for me to act a fool, holler, and watch as the momentum of a shoulder tap causes a dynamic seven full body twist. I digress. Image



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