Same Dancer, Different Song.


The year was 2007. All was bright for the young, hot talent out of Cleveland, Ohio known as LeBron James. He was a fresh taste, an amazement on the court, and had lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA finals in franchise history. The stage was set for this new talent to become “like Mike” (as so many compared him to.) However, the rag tag bunch stationed in San Antonio had a few things to say in regards to the youth of Cleveland coming into their zone. After all, the Spurs had already held this sacred honor three times, and they didn’t plan on handing over their chance at a their fourth ring in just eight years. The stage was set, the music began, and the dance was under way.

Little did LeBron know that this would be the first of five disappointing years in which he would be desperately searching for a ring. Last year however, he received his prize (unfortunately handing it to my Oklahoma City Thunder). 

This time around, James is surrounded by experience and talent. He faces a fundamentally sound defensive team in San Antonio. Popovich has one of the most brilliant coaching minds in the business, and he plans to give the Heat at least one more loss than their battle with Indiana.

Once again, the stage is set, the music is beginning, and the players take their place. Will it be the phenom searching to be the greatest of all time? Or will the old school minds of Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili take down the Heat and show who the real “big 3” is? Only time will tell. A different jersey this time LeBron comes full scale and ready for a win.

Let the lights dim, and let the show begin. 


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