The PED Problem


Disappointing. It’s the only word that truly describes the epidemic that is sweeping America’s pastime. Performance Enhancing Drugs have claimed the names of some of baseballs greats, and it has recently been brought up again claiming the names of such players as Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun. What is it that makes these All-Stars feel that they can get away with it? After so many have fallen victim to the scandal, I am only left puzzled at how such men can risk the game, the run in October, and even the Hall of Fame. 

I am forced to recall my childhood hero’s battle with the issue… Mark McGwire. He was Superman in my eyes. He was my Bambino. I had his jersey, I had a bat and glove with his generic factory signature, I had his card, I even witnessed one of the great McGwire vs. Sosa battles in 1998. For all I knew he could stop a bullet, and to this day I still have his poster on my wall. Yet, as most great figures do, McGwire fell. My throat was in lumps, that fateful day in 2005 when I heard the words “I’m not here to talk about the past.” My heroic vision, and awe inspired innocence found out that “Big Mac” had been using steroids to jack that ball over the wall. And to think, I laughed at Sammy Sosa fans in 2003 for his corked bat incident, wondering how people could be so foolish to think he ACTUALLY competed with the great Mark McGwire. Yet, there I sat… a fool just as they.

Recalling that traumatic experience, I am left wondering about this generations youth. So many look to A-Rod with high admiration (and though I don’t understand that because he plays for the Yankee’s, I respect his talent). I wonder how many walls are shattered, how many hopes are crushed, and how many young boys are scattering to find new jersey’s, cards, and posters to paint their walls. 

That is the real problem with PED’s. The youth. You aren’t just shattering your hopes at the pennant, or Hall of Fame guys… Your crushing the hearts of boys all around the Nation. So for that…. I shake my head. 



2 thoughts on “The PED Problem

  1. Disappointing for whom ? Baseball made its bed , with just about everyone monetary profiting from it all , along with the broadcast outlets . Incompetency on Bud Selig`s watch and that is all it is . So like I said , disappointing for who ?

    1. If you read carefully I specifically state that the disappointing aspect applies to the use of PED’s in the sport relating to the fact that it is all fake. Do you profit from their use? No. So the fan (the focus of the piece) is screwed into thinking that the players are legitimate, when in all actuality it is the use of PED’s that gives them the ability (or enhances it) to do what they do.

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