The Green Gang



You may have gone into the Finals series thinking that you’d see The Heat with a ring, LeBron with an MVP, and perhaps an emotional retirement coming from the great Ray Allen. You may have expected to see the Birdman lose it, the King flop around, or D-Wade live and die by the jumper. You may have hoped for San Antonio’s big three to give a spectacular showing of classic fundamentals, Tony Parker to somehow evade the defense, or hear the crowd yell “Manuuuuuu” for their boy from Argentina. While some of the mentionables above may have come true, the one thing that has taken everybody by storm is the magic of Danny Green. With a total of 25 long range makes through five games, Green has captivated everyone at home in the stands, and even the previous record holder who happens to have a front row seat to the action…. Ray Allen. 

 If you thought Green’s stats were impressive going five for five from beyond the arc in game two, he didn’t let you down following it with seven more in game three. The beauty of the situation is that his contribution goes far beyond the points. The Heat seem to just ignore him on the perimeter, due to the dominance of Tony Parker. Parkers ability to blow by defenders demands extra attention leaving the hot hands of Green constantly open.

Never shall we neglect the ability to finish though.  Greens hands are super quick, and his basketball IQ, precision, and mild manor allow him to take advantage of the vulnerable defense. 

While at home watching, expecting to see the big names, the All Stars, and Olympians shine on the court, I am in awe at who seems to be impacting the momentum of this series. While LeBron is spectacular as always, and Duncan is solid, Danny Green owns that court, and is on his way to having just as many rings as the Great King James. 


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