The Dwight Dilemma



If there is anything that Laker fans do not want to bring up it is their 2012 season. And if there is anything that the Washington Wizards fans don’t want to bring up it is that they’re Wizards fans. Pardon the bluntness, but the common denominator in these two scenarios happens to be the great Superman… no I am not referring to The Man of Steel, but the less than impressive Dwight Howard. 

Unfortunately for the Houston Rockets, they feel that Dwight’s presence will seal the deal on their hopes at a deeper playoff run than their defeat to the OKC Thunder in ’13. However, they could not be more wrong. See while Dwight is noted as “the best big man in the NBA” I simply am not buying. There is absolutely no evidence to support the fact that the injury prone whine bag has anything to do with the success of a team. Is he strong, motivated and a decent post? Absolutely. But to convince oneself that he is going to be the Rockets lift off (pun intended) is a delusion. 

In order to say what will hurt the Rockets of Houston, I must fairly step back and demonstrate what it is that makes the Rockets great. It’s their hype. They have the phenom Jeremy Lin who captivated even the non basketball watching world two seasons ago with his rise to “Rudy like” glory with the New York Knicks. They have what I feel is a bittersweet star in James Harden who after leaving my own favorite Thunder last season, has thrived in this new environment, and has taken over the Rockets scoring totals. Thirdly, the Rockets are fresh. The nation feeds off fresh teams. Young and new talent gives the people what they want. It is why we loved Rondo, Cleveland LeBron, and even Lin. When we expect the expected, we are swept away by those who do what they aren’t supposed to. And there is where Dwight Howard will ruin it for Houston. 

Dwight has a history of not playing nice with others. Whether it is Stan Van Gundy or Kobe, Dwight doesn’t like being told what to do. The Rockets have received their star in Harden, and don’t need another coming in and pushing his way through the teams skulls. Dwight will have to do something he has ever been forced to do… Listen. If Dwight cannot get used to playing Houston’s up tempo in your face offense, then Dwight Howard just boarded the wrong rocket in his quest for not only a ring, but a home. 



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