Puig’s Impact


Last season who had ever heard of the Cuban Yasiel Puig? I assume if you focused on Cuban baseball, then you would’ve heard the name, maybe you saw him on ESPN in National tournaments, or you stumbled upon the young talent somehow online. Regardless of whether you knew who he was or not, Puig has captivated not only the city of Los Angeles, but the Nation, as millions watch in awe of the Dodgers outfielder. 

This time of year all sports slow down with exception of a select few, and Baseball being the main focus. And of course, come July we turn our eyes toward the All-Star activities, and this particular year to New York. With the fan vote, player vote, and National League manager vote in, it isn’t really a surprise that the young rookie wasn’t picked. With hot stars such as Bryce Harper, Beltran and Gonzalez taking the field for the National League it would be hard to justify the new talent finding his way into the first three rounds of voting. However, there is a small glimmer of hope for Puig as there is one final vote remaining. The online vote could just be the final push Puig needs to punch his ticket to New York. 

Though the competition is tough, Puig makes it hard to turn him down with phenomenal stats throughout his debut season. He has posted a .409 batting average which speaks miles for his success with the Dodgers, as leading outfield vote getter Bryce Harper has only posted .274 thus far. It is hard to argue stats, however, Puig must battle with his popularity with the fans not only against four strong outfield competitors, but that includes vastly popular teammate Adrian Gonzalez. 

The stage is set, and after witnessing the man play myself last week in LA, he has received my vote! Truly special talent, class, and hustle. These are the qualities that make Americas Pastime so wonderful! 

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