America’s Night at Citi Field


Does it get any better than a warm July night at the ball park? How about a New York ball park, with the best of the best battling it out for the chance to have home field advantage in the World Series? If the MLB All Star Game doesn’t get your juices flowing, then I don’t know what sports event will! Tonight, each league will be putting out their best players, and we will be witnessing one of the most hyped All Star Games in recent history. 

Unfortunately for the time being there is a lot of controversy surrounding tonights game in regards to the biggest scandal to hit baseball since Pete Rose. PED’s have tainted baseball this season, and recent “All Stars” are looked at under a dark cloud due to the false front of performance enhancing drugs. These events have spilled over into tonights events, but keep the chin up because there is still a lot to look forward to!

With the home field Mets’ Matt Harvey taking the mound for the National league, and Max Scherzer from Detroit taking it for the AL, look for a strong pitching start followed by some incredible talents. These include 13 year All Star veteran Mariano Rivera, former Japanese sensation current Texas Ranger Yu Darvish, Phillies Cliff Lee, and three of the six St. Louis cardinals include pitchers Adam Wainwright, Edward Mujica, and Chris Carpenter. 

With reference to the Cardinals, and naturally being a huge Cardinals fan, I must take a moment to demonstrate how incredible their presence in this game is. With six St. Louis players in the game, this makes it truly a showcase of just how good the Red Birds are. Beltran, Craig, and leading NL vote getter Yadier Molina will go along side the three pitchers to represent this talented group of players. 

As the sun sets, the lights shine, and the talent takes the field, look for one heck of a game! There is no doubt the AL wants this one as the NL has won the last three All Star games, and the last three World Series. Talent at it’s finest, and pure entertainment in the form of America’s Pastime. This is baseball’s night. This is America’s Night. Play Ball!! 


2 thoughts on “America’s Night at Citi Field

  1. With this crop of all stars, it might be the youngest group ever. Move over old timers, the youngsters are taking the game over. Thought this was well approached. I too am a Cards fan, and seeing 6 guys on the team is great for the organization.

  2. BenE, famed 700 Level commenter here. Just wanted to let you know what an honor it is for you to have me read and comment on your blog!

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