Sports vs Movies


As a lover of both movies and sports I have taken a recent glance at the benefits, story lines, and thrills of both forms of entertainment. I must say it has been a strenuous process to figure out which one I enjoy more, but the more I think about it the more I can honestly say movies don’t even hold weight to sports, and here is why…

Movies strive for a gripping tale. There are roughly 50,000 movies made every year. Out of that 50,000 the United States produced 520 feature films last year. 520 movies each year and the Academy somehow eliminates all but roughly 6 to represent movies as a whole in the category of Best Picture. Six movies out of 520. Great movies are so rare in fact that the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) has only comprised a list of top 250 movies to represent the best of all time. Of all time only around 250 movies are worthy enough to be called the best. 

Then we think of Actors and Actresses, where names like Denzel Washington, Diane Keaton, Tom Hanks, or Meryl Streep come to mind. Each person could probably give you a list of five to ten actors which they would call their favorite, and maybe one of those have they seen all of their works (maybe even own a collection of them). Actors and actresses tell the stories they love with the hope of a climactic ending, a happily ever after, or a shoot em up gun slinging finale in which a hero shoots the bad guy and rescues the damsel in distress. Which leads me to plot. 

What is it about movies that so grips us? It is that moment where the expected happens. When the ending you totally predicted somehow comes to life, and you go home feeling somehow satisfied by a movie you totally predicted. And that my friends is why sports have the upper hand. 

When we think of sports often times our memories take us to our first time in Busch Stadium, trading cards with the neighborhood gang, the overtime game, the buzzer beater shot, Michael, LeBron, Marino, Manning, Ruth, Rivera, Tiger, Phil, Nadal, Williams… I digress. 

For centuries sports have given us jaw dropping moments. They have given us nostalgia, breakthrough athletes, peanuts  and cracker jacks. From Joe Buck, Al Michaels, or Bob Costas, we have heard “The Giants win The Pennant”, “Do you believe in miracles?” and “We’ll see you back here tomorrow night”. In just the last five years we have seen the Red Sox come back after being donw 3-0, Freese give the Cardinals new life in the bottom of the ninth… and again in the tenth, Flacco throwing the one in 3.5 million ball to send it to overtime and eventually a Super Bowl, or Phil coming back from a five stroke deficit to win the British Open. We have witnessed Murray win at Wimbledon, LeBron get back to back titles, and Manning’s miraculous comeback. 

That is just it. That is why sports are so incredible. You never know what is going to happen. There are walk off home runs, there are last second field goals, and there are buzzer beaters. You can never predict the outcome, and you will never know what is coming next. Though there are countless ways to entertain yourself in this world, there is no place I would rather be then surrounded by crazy body painted fans, the smell of popcorn, beer, and loyalty, with the sound of the roar, the feeling of pride, and the singing of take me out to the ball game. 


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