Tiger’s Major Problem? Or Major Comeback?


With the 95th edition of the PGA Championship starting tomorrow at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester New York, several theories loom over who will rise at the top of the leader board come Sunday afternoon. Of course with all the talk it is only natural that Tiger Woods would be the talk of the town, and make headlines as he has now gone close to six years now without a major win. Perhaps the pressure has gotten to Tiger, but the fact still remains that he is number one in the world, shot a personal record tying round 61 on his way to a huge win in the Bridgestone Invitational last week, and has been on fire throughout the year except in the major tournaments. This leaves the question… Is Tiger on track for a “major” comeback?

The field is painted with the fierce competitors that Woods will have to fight off on his way to victory. There are names like Lee Westwood who fought hard but lost the British Open, Hunter Mahan who two weeks ago left his chance at the Canadian Open to witness the birth of his child, and of course the ever present threat of Ole Lefty, Phil Mickelson. Together Phil and Tiger have won eight times on tour this year alone. Number one and number two will be dueling it out heavy on the course as America not only hopes for a great finish, but a final pairing featuring the two brilliant players. 

To argue against the ability of either player is foolish. Quite frankly come Sunday we could be shocked to find a Rory or a Bubba come out of nowhere and take the Wanamaker Trophy. However, the way that Tiger Woods played last weekend at Firestone Country Club was phenomenal. It was a rush watching him shoot a 61 in Fridays round. He showed stability, focus, and consistency. He has now made a huge push winning five tournaments this year, and he can only hope that his sixth will be coming this weekend. 

Let the gentlemen prepare, the greens roll true, and Tiger be on the prowl to turn this “major” drought, into a memorable weekend! 


One thought on “Tiger’s Major Problem? Or Major Comeback?

  1. Judging by the way he ended his round yesterday it looks like he’ll have to wait till next year to try to snap this slump. Everyone out there is dropping birdies and he’s making double bogey on his last hole to screw up, what was, a decent round. I enjoyed the post though!

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