The NCAA, Signatures, Johnny Football, and Of Course… Don Corleone



What comes to mind when you think of the NCAA? Powerhouse? Money? Bully? Oh wait, did I forget college sports?

That’s the dilemma. Why is it that every great sports society is crashing to pathetic schemes of cheats and money? The NBA couldn’t keep the players happy, the NFL couldn’t keep the refs happy, the MLB can’t keep drugs off the field, and the NCAA can’t leave well enough alone when it comes to money.

The NCAA is falling to the classic case of wanting to have their cake and eat it too. They want all the money that can possibly come from a player, team, or university, yet expect that there be no problem with the fact that whenever a players name is put on a jersey, football, or team program, the kid shouldn’t profit as that takes away from their trademark. Bogus.

Now don’t get me wrong, as an avid Arkansas Razorback fan I would have loved to see the fall of men like Cam Newton, Reggie Bush, and the now notable Johnny Manziel. I can’t stand the arrogance displayed by “Johnny Football”. It’s a disgrace to the Aggies, SEC, and even the NCAA. However, his skill has brought him fame. His ability on the field (and sadly it stops there) has earned him admiration. And now he gets slammed for demanding money for that name. The sixth witness has now emerged from the shadows saying that Manziel asked for money in order to have him sign a piece of memorabilia. His name means money. And who gets that money? You guessed it. The NCAA.

Remember the opening scene of the Godfather? Where Don Corleone is asked to take care of the men who attacked the mans daughter? Corleone has built up a name. People fear him and he gets all respect, credit, and money through a shady business. However, the people come back. He provides an out. He is the one to take care of the needs of the people, no matter how unethical the means are. 

                                                                                               The NCAA is Don Corleone. 

ImageThe people need the NCAA. Lets face it, any avid sports fan knows that the eyes are on college sports. It’s why we pack stadiums out, paint our chests, donate millions to alumni funds, and become like kids at Christmas come March Madness. The people need NCAA. So what does that lead us to do? We come to it (on the day of our daughters wedding) and we are willing to look the other way, turn our head and let the deeds get done. Let the dirty money schemes pass as long as we get out tailgate and rivalry the day after thanksgiving! We respect it. We give it credit. We give it our money. And that’s why the NCAA is rolling big.

Corrupt system is thriving! Tainting sports? Making them better? Providing a hope for the future of the NCAA? Let me know you thoughts and give it a like! Thanks for reading the Sports Dish!


17 thoughts on “The NCAA, Signatures, Johnny Football, and Of Course… Don Corleone

  1. Love the Don Corleone reference! Also, great job pointing out the major flaw each of the big 3 American sports have. You said it best, “His name means money”

  2. The NCAA as Corleone makes sense. We have always known the NCAA was a little shady in its money making ways but turned a blind eye because we enjoyed the product.

  3. Definitely a good piece to add along with what I was saying in mine. I just don’t know how you go about correcting these things. I understand it’s all about the money of the game, but still don’t believe you can just start handing out that money to athletes. Unless you spread it across the board.

  4. University presidents, athletic directors, well-heeled boosters can’t get past the money aspect of these big-ticket sports. Johnny Football’s behavior has been disgraceful, but the fact that he puts butts in the seats at Kyle Field or wherever the Aggies are playing might save him from the NCAA watchdogs. Personally, I think he needs to be suspended at least for half the season. Loved the Godfather analogy.

  5. Hey, thanks for tipping me off to your blog, it’s great, i’ll definitely be following now. It will be interesting to see what happens with the ncaa in the next couple of years with the money issue. I’d like things to change, but I must admit march madness is my Christmas for sure, so I guess I’m not doing much personally to stop the corruption.

    1. Hahaha thanks for the comments!! And I’m in the same boat, I see the corruption, but I love the thrill of the game too much for it to change! Thanks for joining my audience!

  6. Nice post, enjoyed reading your take on the Johnny “Football” issue. I also agree that on the field he is pretty dynamic, off the field needs quite a bit of work…

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