The Beauty of October

I will say I am greatly disappointed in myself in the lack of blog posts I have had in the last two months. The college bug hit me along with the hustle and bustle of a new life, new hobbies, even a new brotherhood. This being said I apologize to all my followers, readers, and stumble upon’s for my lack of posting, and I hope you are all prepared for a more regular coverage of sports through The Sports Dish.

Now that disclaimers are done let’s venture into the great and wonderful world of sports, and in particular October. October is arguably the greatest month in sports. In this particular moment we have three major sports, one ending, one in mid season, and another beginning. Take your pick. Football your game? Let’s look inside.

NFL football this season is off to a booming start. If the underdog is the name of the game who could overlook the Kansas City Chiefs who have captured both America’s hearts and attention as they race off to a 5-0 start with the Texans looming today. If we speak of powerhouse players or teams they are found one in the same as Peyton Manning is putting together one of the greatest quarterback seasons in history as he leads his Denver Broncos on the same path to a dominant 5-0 start. On the other side of the token we can see teams with dominant past seasons falling extremely hard and not even smelling the win column. Teams like The Giants and Buccaneers have shown less than impressive stats on their paths to 0-6, and 0-5. Don’t think I am letting the pitiful Pittsburgh Steelers off the hook either. Their first win of the season came last week leaving them to be a measly 1-4. Shocking plays, teams, and quarterbacks have lead to a great first six weeks in the NFL and I will say I am thoroughly looking forward to watching the rest of it play out.   


Starting up and coming soon is the start of the NBA season. Already viewers are getting an early look into their teams and who is going to be the one fighting for that ring come June. An early hot team looking ahead (partial as I may be) is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Tragically last post season star point guard Russell Westbrook went down hard with injury leaving the Thunder high and dry in their hopes for that coveted ring. Kevin Durant is looking forward this season as he is determined to become the best of all time. Yes, offseason drama with some trade rumors of Sefolosha have thus far proven to be untrue, and with the full season addition of Derek Fisher, and the surprising dominance of back up point guard Reggie Jackson the Thunder are looking fresh, young (minus the mention of Fisher) and pretty stout on their venture to the start of the season. On another note, the fresh legs of Derrick Rose have immersed from the bench after over a season of rest after the tragedy in the postseason of 2012. Well Chicago fans, he is back and looks to be just back to where he once was.

Last, but oh certainly not least sits the highest on the throne of October sports. It is America’s past time in its prime, it is the smell of beer and peanuts, it is the singing in the seventh inning stretch, it is Fenway, and Busch, it is the reason October exists. It is Baseball. Boy do we have a doozie. We have a grudge match between the two teams who met in this same setting in 2004. As St. louis and the Red sox take the field, the Cardinals fans (like myself) like to not think about the matchup in ’04 except under the terms of revenge. This is the time for the Cardinals to come to life and show the world that they have forgotten the past and are looking to rewrite the romping they took back then. With both teams sitting atop their league with 97 wins we truly have a show to watch starting Wednesday in Boston. Image

October is the time. Sports fans strap in. Let’s all sit back and enjoy. 

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of October

  1. Nice article. Great line – It is America’s past time in its prime, it is the smell of beer and peanuts, it is the singing in the seventh inning stretch, it is Fenway, and Busch, it is the reason October exists. Enjoy the World Series! Darcy

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