Licking my Wounds

Well, as a Cardinals fan I have dreaded writing this post. Obviously it would’ve been produced twenty minutes after game seven ended with the Cardinals thumping the Red Sox of Boston had the outcome come into my favor. All I can say is simply wow. What a World Series.

See this is the beauty of sports. If you try really hard, set your colors and loyalty aside there is some serious reward in the ability of sports to captivate us.

My upmost respect goes out to Boston. You cannot help but just finding their performance entrancing. The pitching, the batting, and the performance of David Ortiz. Wow.

I won’t go on and on in regards to the details, however I stand and applaud you Boston. I lick my wounds and greatly look forward to 148 days from now when once again the Cardinals will take the field in hopes for 12 in 14.



One thought on “Licking my Wounds

  1. Thanks for reading my blog. Liked both this WS piece and the one on QB’s. Have a comment on my blog answering your comment. Keep up the good work.

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