Completing the Trifecta

Each year I begin anew with a hope of eternal sports glory.

For myself? No, no. For a chance at sports fan history. A chance to gloat for a full 365 days, and forever on into sports fandom. This that I reference is noted as the trifecta. With three major American sports taking majority of the limelight, being basketball, baseball, and football, there is a chance for my favorite team to win in all three areas. This is no trivial matter, as any lucky sports fan can attest to the feeling of a single championship win, but how many can say that they achieved the trifecta? 

It begins this time every year. There is a wide open door come NBA Playoff time, and the first opportunity begins. NBA basketball is one of the more frustrating ones, as it truly can come down to the blow of a whistle. For me, the Oklahoma City Thunder hold the keys to open up the door to my first step in achieving the trifecta. Though the Thunder have yet to see their first championship, and despite the fact that they are down 2-1 to the Memphis Grizzlies right now, I hold out a glimmer of hope that this is the year. There is a chance to take a leap toward the first level. And then the waiting game begins until October. Image

Next, comes the most American tradition in sports. With the World Series bringing so much to the world of sports, it also brings with it the next step in sports fan history. Each year I as a fan endure three or four (depending on the wild card) rounds of pure joy, as my St. Louis Cardinals make their way toward the pennant. That glorious trophy means much more than just recognition for the year, but also, a second step toward my coveted prize.



The weight is short between baseball and football, but boy is it agonizing. I have never been in the situation of waiting on the third and final championship being the only thing standing between me and fandom glory, but I can imagine the amount of excitement surrounding that time. As a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, I know what the feeling of glory is in my recent memory. Seeing Ray Lewis win his ring on the last season he would be playing, is a memory I won’t soon forget. Yet, with reconstruction, and a new team under the same coach, the Ravens have some work to do to achieve that Super Bowl again. 


Each year I set out for the same goal. It comes in one form and requires complete perfection. Though I have had my teams win championships before, I, much like the players, am thirsty. Thirty for a satisfaction that only the trifecta can bring. 


2 thoughts on “Completing the Trifecta

  1. Your choices are interesting. Unfortunately I’m not as optimistic about these teams being the winners of their repected championships (except maybe for OKC). In a post I made over a month ago I theorized that the Detroit Tigers would win it all. Being open minded, however, I’ll tend to change my mind a lot based on every teams performance through the year. With that said I’m starting to believe the Oakland A’s may have a chance. I don’t know much about their players but their record currently is 18-10 and theyre scoring high. In about a month I’m planning to write a quaterly review of the year which I will give my current predictions and the math behind it. I would love to hear your feedback. Now the Ravens… I honestly thought it was a fluke that they won the Super Bowl. Ok maybe not entirely. I do know that since they won they have been playing below their potential. Being a Colts fan myself id love to see them win it. They do have potential. However a more logical choice would be the Broncos or Pacekers. I will keep an open mind though and give the Ravens the benfit of the doubt if they get a lot of Ws. So I wish you luck in your predictions and I appologize for the extremely long reply

    1. See the beauty of completing the trifecta isn’t that it’s logical. The beauty comes in the form of overcoming the odds to win it all. It may never happen in my lifetime. But hey, it’s why we watch!! Thanks so much for the reply! I found it quite entertaining!

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