Clipping the Fat

With breaking news about an hour ago, there is quite a bustle surrounding all the drama known as Donald Sterling. Bottom line is there is no room for racism. At the highest level of the sport quite literally paved with names of great black athletes, Sterling should be thanking the greats for making him the mogul that he is, yet ignorance exists, and in this case is not bliss. 

The respect surrounding the game reaches its climax this time of year as the pinnacle of the playoffs is before us. The playoffs bring to mind playoff greats, MVP’s, champions, all of which have never yielded to color, race, or creed.

The playoffs bring to mind some of memories fondest, so let us take a quick dabble into these heroes of sport;


Bill Russell, 11 Championships

Michael Jordan, most points in a playoff game at 63

Wilt Chamberlain, most field goals made in a age at 24

Magic Johnson, most assists in a game at 24


All of these men have names that stretch so much further than what they once did on a court. Their names will forever be in the history books, and be posterized by men and boys alike. However, it is one name on this list above that could be a point of interest in the coming days when it comes to the involvement with the LA Clippers. 

Theoretically speaking, my hunch is that Magic Johnson could be one of the candidates for the newly opened owner position in the coming weeks. Now, not to get ahead of myself, as yes, there is still a vote of whether or not Sterling will (which there is little doubt) be taken permanently out of the role of manager, and there are several months of work before this whole thing is settled, but none the less, there will be a new owner, and look for Magic to be a top contender and here is why. Image

Magic has proved a hugely successful partial owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He and Mark Walter of a huge LA cooperation have expressed huge interest in the ownership of the Lakers due to their numerous coaching misfires, and disgraceful seasons the past few years yet, the history behind the Lakers has made the purchase much more out of reach than once thought by the tandem. However, with this sudden door swinging open to another opportunity to make a West coast sports dynasty, Magic sits on the throne to take over, and rule this newly arising team. 

Whoever the new reigning man will be in LA, there is no doubt that commissioner Adam Silver made the right decision. It was time to take action, and it is good to see someone at the high level is Clipping the Fat. 



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30 thoughts on “Clipping the Fat

  1. Johnson’s taking up ownership/management of the Clippers would be a dream come true for the team. Clippers fans (few that we are out here in Los Angeles) regularly bemoan the franchise’s woes stemming from the shoddy and careless management under Sterling’s hand. The draw of a manager who has a solid CV for team management, not to mention a history with the very team the Clippers share not just a city but also an arena with? This may be the silver lining to come out of this whole fiasco. If that happens I’ll proudly wear my Giffin jersey for the start of the new season, but for now it’ll be staying on the rack while I cheer on the Clips through what remains of the playoffs.

  2. I completely agree with you about how Sterling should thank those African American athletes that have made him his money. It’s disgusting to see how some people out there have actually taken to defending this guy. You sir have got a follower.

  3. This was great man! I agree with everything that you said. I think if Magic were to be attempting to purchase the Clippers under any other circumstance, it would be looked at differently but seeing as how this would be the perfect time and situation for his brand. If this were 10 years ago, it may have not made sense but now the Clippers are a winning franchise with potential to win a Championship. #iAmBIGGTalksSports

  4. This was great gave me inspiration. Now if Johnson goes ahead and becomes the owner of the LA Clippers that will be a huge and great step!

  5. Great Post and replies by all! – I have mixed feelings about not so much the severity of the punishment but the extent of it. However, I feel confident that he needed to be removed from the owner aspect of any NBA Team or other professional sport for that matter. I think I understand why one team owner thinks it is a slippery slope to take the level of discipline taken because once you start a trend you should keep it up.

    With that said, from what I’m reading, this guy has repeatedly shown, and there is a documented pattern that he has a propensity for racial disparity towards non-whites both in sports and his other real estate and housing ventures.

    I think it unfair to have the team players shoulder the responsibility of standing up against him. The league appears to have taken the right steps by banning him from owning a team. Banning him from attending any NBA games as a private citizen may be a bit much.

    Also, I don’t believe that only black players should be speaking out or leaving the team because of what he said. Nor should only black people not go to any games in which he has ownership. This is not a black issue, not a white issue but an American People issue.

    Finally, Mr. Sterling is not, has not been, and will not be the only racist person to own a high level business such as this – he is the one who got caught expressing it. And boy did he express it well, appearing to leave no doubt as to his position on race.

  6. I enjoyed reading your piece! I was wondering, do you believe this lifetime ban and fine is unconstitutional and excessive or do you believe it was constitutional and adequate? Some believe Sterling was set up by his girlfriend. Keep in mind, this girlfriend mentioned Magic Johnson and what do you know, now Magic Johnson may possibly become a new owner of the Clippers in place of Sterling. I don’t condone racism but something is odd with this whole situation. What are your thoughts?

    1. Very loose ends for sure, I believe Silver acted responsibly, and we have to take into account that this wasn’t an isolated incident, and many owners felt the way they do now years ago!
      Thanks for the comments!

  7. Great piece, I hope Magic Johnson and his team end up buying the Clippers. The team needs a huge PR facelift after this and Magic would help right the ship.

  8. First I must say thank you for stopping and reading my post. You have summed things up nicely in this post. This is great piece. I wholeheartedly agree with you that there is no room for racism. We all need to leave the past behind and move forward with accepting people regardless of race or color. It would be a form poetic justice if Magic Johnson end up owning the team.

  9. Magic owned a small share of the Lakers once before and as part owner of the Dodgers, he has plenty of experience running major-market organizations. I could see it happening!

  10. Good post. As for Magic owning the team? I’m all in for that, why not? Jordan owns the Bobcats. Although there were rumors already swirling that boxer Floyd Mayweather is keen on buying the team. God, I hope this turns out to be false. From a racist to a business idiot. The Clippers deserve better. Magic for President!

  11. Good post!! Can’t wait to see who they appoint in his place (I refuse to type his name and give him added publicity) and the changes the LA Clippers see in the next bit!!

  12. Incredible piece!! Yes it is sad and unfortunate so many still live with embedded hatred within their hearts. One thing is for sure, Racism and Hatred is taught, and sad thing is So many refuse to change that way of thinking. The world is so big and filled with so many amazing people of all different cultures, ethnicity, as well as beliefs, and what a shame that the one thing that separates most, is the inability of understanding and embracing the differences. This post is incredible! I Hope this brings awareness to everyone that not only in sports but in life as well, We are one and fighting as a unit to Clip Away the Fat! 🙂 No matter how much money or power you have. #BMichavery

  13. First, thanks for checking out my blog (The Other Shoe) and commenting. Thanks for the invite to check out your related article. I really do not think that the NBA Comissioner HAD a choice. The ouster of Don Sterling; as Manager, as Owner, as an active member of Owner’s Association was quite predictable. the ‘way’ this information came out… this time, about Don Sterling… sets a BAD example. If we cannot act in a bigoted fashion to my gold-digger wife? What kind of world are we living?
    If you read my article about Don, then you know he just paid off residents of one of his Beverly Hills apartment builds, BECASUE of MORE racist; insults, failure to rent (block busting), failure to provide proper and legal maintenance. Had to pay, to the tune of $2.5 Million, as a settlement. Point- This is NOT the ‘First Time’ Don Sterling’s overt racism has COST him. IMHO this will not be the LAST time. I was born and raised in the Deep South. Racism (contrary to FIVE members of SCOTUS) is alive and well in America. In much of the South, racism Flourishes. The ‘Cure’ for Racism? EDUCATION… INFORMATION… and hitting racists HARD in the WALLET.
    Thanks for this great article, and again thank you very much for visting my blog here at word press… The Other Shoe (

  14. The great black nba players before Donald sterling did not in any sense “make Donald sterling” he doesn’t need to thank anyone. He’s a lawyer, that’s how be acquired his billions. Owning a team is a side hobby for him, and he will ugly the case up through the appellate court and it will be 2-3
    Years before a final verdict is reached

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