A Letter to College Football

Sunday, we all woke up to some pretty shocking news. For TCU fans, it may have been a little harder to worship the good Lord on a Sunday morning, but Ohio State fans sang more hallelujahs then Handel’s Messiah.

For Jeff Long and crew of the NCAA selection committee ruffling feathers is nothing new. This group has made the first year of the playoff system a week by week guessing game, filled with ups, downs, and of course controversy.

So here is what I have for the fans of the four teams in, and the first two out…

To Ohio State,

Oh the O. You lucky dogs you. Resilience is why Ohio State is in. Saturday forced their hand, making them play their third string quarterback. This was a remarkable performance by Cordale Jones, and I677096a789bd92d6e0e7338389f555c0_crop_north in no way want to take away from his performance. With 257 yards, and three touchdowns, Jones truly was the MVP. This resilience showed off a deeper level to the Ohio State program. They overcame adversity, and pushed into the brink of the unknown lead by an unknown himself. However, one performance does not an All-Star make (just ask Kenny Hill and those fans of A&M… This ones for you Scott Hall). Injury to your star position will hurt, and beating a solid Wisconsin team does not grant in my humble opinion even a shot to beat number one Alabama. You were lucky to get in, because believe it or not, big injuries make a big difference.

To Alabama,

You don’t have the greatest record in bowl games when not competing in the National Championship. Since 2000 you have gone 4-4, losing to Minnesota, Utah and both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. 4-4 is not the greatest record for a team that has dominated the SEC and the National Championship, so the postseason (again, outside the National Championship) is a choking time for you. Look out. As an avid SEC fan, I am really rooting for Bama. But they have to get past a battered, but determined Ohio State.

To Oregon,

Simple. Keep doing what you’re doing.


To Florida State,

Simple. Keep doing what you’re doing and I will sit with popcorn and watch as you epically fail you bunch of Criminoles. Ok, ok, so I am a bit harsh, but my tolerance for Florida State is none. They played a lousy schedule and pulled out wins against wimpy teams by less than six points. Completely inexcusable, and if they had even one loss they would be lucky to be in the top ten. This is all on top of the obvious lack of discipline, and manhood from the stars of the team. I will stop now.


I am sorry to the fans of TCU, but you are exactly where you belong. The fans are delusional to think they actually should have been in front of Baylor all these weeks. It’s simple, you got beat by them. It was a hard loss, and wasn’t easy for you, but nevertheless you lost. I am not anti-TCU, and I am not pro-Baylor, but facts are facts. You belong at number six. It’s a bummer you dropped three whole spots, but if you were moving, it was going to be behind Baylor.


And Finally…

To Baylor,

This is where the NCAA got it wrong. Baylor was by far the fourth best team in the nation. Though Ohio State would put up a good fight, with the current quarterback situation, they simply did not compare. Ohio State lost to a subpar Virginia Tech team that finished 6-6. They lost at home by 14. That is not good. Baylor however lost to a 7-5 West Virginia Team who looked fantastic throughout the year, losing to TCU by 1, and Alabama by 10. Those are two fantastic losses. Baylor fans, I am truly sorry. This was your year, a winning effort, and all for not.

Football fans, friends, we now get to watch a very mediocre four team playoff, in hopes that FlorScreen Shot 2014-12-08 at 6.32.31 PMida State’s luck runs out, Ohio State’s heart falls apart, and we get a decent National Championship instead of a full three game extravaganza. But hey, at least at the end of the day Arkansas will be renewing the rivalry with Texas, and that is all a kid can ask for.

Thanks for reading the Sports Dish. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “A Letter to College Football

  1. Enjoyed reading your post. I do believe that Baylor got hosed, but we should have all seen this coming from a mile away when this playoff scenario was implemented. There will always be a deserving team left out in the cold more often than not.

    I do hope that FSU can get out of whatever weird funk they’ve been finding themselves in lately by not playing the type of football I was used to seeing last year. There is absolutely no way that the Seminoles can afford to falling behind Alabama by more than a touchdown at any given point in the game. That could be all she wrote for Florida State if that happens.

    The Oregon and Ohio State game seems intriguing as well. Oregon can seemingly do no wrong, even when they’re not on their “A” game. They better hope that they don’t have all of those unnecessary penalties like they did against Arizona when playing the Buckeyes though. I don’t think Urban Meyer and Ohio State will let them get away with that.

    Should be interesting to see how this inaugural playoff goes. I can’t wait until the games begin.

  2. Some really good points and I do believe Ohio State made it in simply by the eye test but they definitely were on a mission. Also, believe that Baylor should have made it in and Florida State been pushed out. They haven’t done anything to impress me and if they hadn’t stated the season ranked so high they probably would have been lucky to make it into the top ten.

  3. I was looking at comments on my blog, andybsports.com and noticed one from you some time ago. I hope I answered then but at least do so now saying I enjoy your work.

    This post truly got it right as Ohio State did not deserve to be in that playoff for the 2014 crown. They went out and won the crown, kudos for that, but they got there because of their drawing power. Keep up your good work.

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