The Man Behind the Curtain

I am using my sports blog for dual purposes this semester as I get to write a blog for a class I am in, and thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce myself to whoever reads my blog!

Who am I?

A trip to Camden Yards in Baltimore allowed me to snag a picture with the Oriole Bird!

My name is Devin Dishner and I am a sports enthusiast from Fort Smith, Arkansas. I love not only watching sports, but genuinely love thinking about the game, often seeing it from a very different perspective. The analytics of sports, along with the dramatic story lines are what make it unique to anything in the world and that is ultimately why I choose to write about them.

I am a public relations major at the University of Central Arkansas and I have minors in marketing and journalism. These three subjects really give me a wide scale on how to address a news event from numerous angles.

I think ultimately it gives me a diverse spectrum on how I write. It makes me aware of important facts, yet I love solving the puzzle of making it readable.

I have worked for the athletic department on campus for three years, learning the in’s and out’s of college athletics. I also worked a summer with the Los Angeles Angels minor league affiliate team the Arkansas Travelers. I believe working in sports has given me a new respect for all that goes into making a game great.

Why I Blog

I want people to read my blog and laugh to themselves at the way I word things. My topics aren’t always obscure, in fact you can most likely read very similar facts and opinions on several sports news sites. However, I try my best to make it a unique take on popular things in sports, like my post on Kevin Durant being just like coconut cream pie.

I want it to be funny, witty and truthful. The best part about blogging is that you are responsible for the content so you can approach it however you choose. That is ultimately why I blog. It’s a creative outlet for me to just put thoughts onto online paper.

I genuinely love sports and hope to make a career out of my passion. Ultimately my love for sports inspires many aspects of my life from traveling to see games to investing money into buying tickets. Sports aren’t just a hobby for me, they are a part of me.


Check out my previous blogs and get ready for more opinion pieces as they come! You can also follow me on twitter as I try to tweet on the subject of sports as often as I can. For now, thanks for reading.


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