Russell (Triple Double) Westbrook

Westbrook takes a fast break and dunks it home.

Triple-doubles are not easy to come by in the NBA. At least they aren’t supposed to be. But Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook is changing that.

Russ is storming through the NBA this season with eighth triple doubles in just 19 games. Every once in a while the league is blessed to see a night where a player will have a breakthrough night and post some insane numbers, leading to a triple-double, however for Westbrook it’s no fluke.

More impressive then his seven stat packed games is that he is now averaging a triple-double. That means that in all 19 games he is averaging double digits in three categories. This is rare… so rare that it hasn’t been done this late in the season since Oscar Robinson in 1961.

With a triple-double, and a win over the Knicks last night, Westbrook tied LeBron James for sixth-most in NBA history with 45, and is looking up at greats like Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain and Jason Kidd left to conquer.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Phoenix Suns
A smiling Russ after taking a large lead in last weeks game.

After the Knicks win last night, head coach Billy Donavan had high praise of his star player, stating, “It’s amazing what he’s doing,” Thunder coach Billy Donovan said of Westbrook. “There’s also a part of it that he’s probably the most unique player in the NBA because you’ve got great scorers, great assist guys, great rebounders. There are a lot of great players in this league. But he kind of touches it all in every facet of the game. He gets those numbers, but there’s so much more to him than that to me, as a coach.”

Westbrook and the Thunder did take a large hit by losing Kevin Durant in the off season, but Russ seems to be taking up the role of leader very well. The future is bright in Oklahoma City.

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