Tiger’s Return

THE PLAYERS Championship - Final Round

A comeback story doesn’t often come to the greats. When you are the best at something, you ride it out and eventually fade with a page in the history books forever solidifying you as one of the best.

For Tiger Woods, this story is all but easy.

Tiger, at one point was one of the greatest to ever play. He was well on his way to catch Jack Nicholas record of 18 major championships, solidifying his 14th in 2008 at the age of 33. Tiger brought a new fan base to the game as his fist pumps and electric aura attracted old fans and youngsters alike.

Tiger’s iconic fist pump

Tiger was on top of the golf world. If you watched golf on Sunday afternoons you would nearly always see the red shirt on his back, and his red numbers on the top of the leaderboard. Tiger was the man.

Then 2009 happened. Sex scandal and personal implosion ruined Tiger’s personal life and in turn his golf career. Tiger took nearly a five month leave of absence to fix his off the course issues, which staged his first comeback.

This seemed to be redemption period for Tiger as he boomed back in April of 2010 with fourth place finishes in both the Masters and the U.S. Open. After this, apart from a really solid year in 2013, Tiger has had up and down seasons. He has battled back injury and personal demons on and off, and in 2015 took another league of absence to have multiple back surgeries.

And that leads us to the present day. The stage for a comeback.

Tiger Woods is playing his first event in 18 months this weekend, and is showing something he hasn’t since 2013… the Tiger of old. At the age of 40, Tiger has his power back, his short game on point and his mind focused.

The game of golf is complex, but Tiger knows how to balance it out. From 2013 to now, it hasn’t been a matter of missing all of the key elements of a win, but rather putting them all together in consecutive rounds. After carding a +1 73 on Thursday, Tiger bounced back with a -7  round on Friday and a -2 round on Saturday.

Though the leader is -19 currently, he is the anomaly for the weekend, with second place at -12. Tiger is in a really good spot to finish top 5 (currently -8) in the Hero World Challenge Tournament, which would be a great confidence builder going into the coming offseason.

Tiger has been on top before. He has been the face of golf. I believe he can get back to it and his play this weekend is starting to show that. It’s only a small step of victory, but it’s the taste that Tiger needs to get back in the game. It’s what he needs to stage his comeback. ap189620580436_pjxw8ul3_1ke26kvc

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