Clipping the Fat

With breaking news about an hour ago, there is quite a bustle surrounding all the drama known as Donald Sterling. Bottom line is there is no room for racism. At the highest level of the sport quite literally paved with names of great black athletes, Sterling should be thanking the greats for making him the … More Clipping the Fat

Role Models

I wanted to try something new today that I haven’t done before. It will require a couple of things from the reader to be any bit successful, and for that I request that if you enjoy this bit at all you comment your opinions or reblog it for others to see it and comment. (I … More Role Models

Licking my Wounds

Well, as a Cardinals fan I have dreaded writing this post. Obviously it would’ve been produced twenty minutes after game seven ended with the Cardinals thumping the Red Sox of Boston had the outcome come into my favor. All I can say is simply wow. What a World Series. See this is the beauty of … More Licking my Wounds

The NCAA, Signatures, Johnny Football, and Of Course… Don Corleone

                               What comes to mind when you think of the NCAA? Powerhouse? Money? Bully? Oh wait, did I forget college sports? That’s the dilemma. Why is it that every great sports society is crashing to pathetic schemes of cheats and money? … More The NCAA, Signatures, Johnny Football, and Of Course… Don Corleone